Favorite Songs of All Time (so far) v1

MediaMonkeyA couple of months ago, my brother had asked me what I thought the top 10 or so songs of all time were.  Being a very subjective question in my opinion, I figured I could answer, but only for “my favorite” songs of all time.  Even then, not something that can be answered quickly IMHO.

Over the years I have cherry-picked and accumulated over 3000 songs on my iPOD (now Zune).  These are all songs that I like, and I have tried to target all of my favorites.  I can’t guarantee I got ’em all, but I must be close!

Using that as a starting base, and the fact that I have every morning and afternoon driving to/from work, I started stepping through the songs 1-by-1, to highlight some of my favorites.  Based on this, I cut the list down to just over 100 songs.

Here are the lists so far.  My goal is to get a top 25.  After that, I think it is really tough to pick and choose, as your mood really plays into this (i.e. am I ready to rock, or mellow, or whatever…)  This does not include Holiday, Kids or Classical.

Complete Song List (including all types):  CLICK HERE

Top 126 (so far): CLICK HERE

Based on the Complete Song List, if you think something that is great is missing, let me know!  I may have missed it, and always like to expand the collection!  Thanks ahead of time!

(Remember, these are MY favorites…some are cheesy!  If you don’t like it, make your own list!) 😉

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