Daily To-Do

I needed an easy way to make sure I get some things done this year, each day.  (part of my 2009 Soul & Spirit resolution!)  I looked around, and there are some things, but being lazy, they were too much trouble.  Ended up making a simple Excel spreadsheet that I can just double-click in a cell when/if I got it done each day.  It highlights the current day, and on double-click changes the value of the cell from nothing to 1 or back again.

I put a shortcut in the Startup folder on my computer, so I update it each morning.

Feel free to take a look and use it if you like!  It is an Office 2007 macro-enabled workbook for the double-click, so you’ll have to let it run macros.

Here’s a link:  Daily To-Do Excel Spreadsheet

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