Gotta love the Xbox!

In the past I have digitized most of our family photos and videos to DVD, but even in that format, you rarely go to the trouble of finding the DVD, and then loading searching for what you wanted to see.

Being curious about these new Media devices and applications (i.e. stream your photos/videos/etc straight to the TV), I started to look around for a good deal.

What I found was that my old Xbox (NOT the Xbox 360 or newer, I am talking the old Xbox) could be converted to a Media center!  Not just a Media Center, but the highest rated Media Center out there right now!  Woohoo!

Its called XBMC (  It does take some time to “Hack” the Xbox, but once its done, you have a really cool Media Center on your network, for only $30-$40!!!!  Sweet deal, for a cheapskate like me.

If you have some electrical/computer technical ability,  would recommend checking it out.  If you don’t…don’t bother.  Find someone who has already done it, and have them fix ya up!

( …also, if you have a son under 2 years old, keep him away from the Xbox or he will somehow find out how to undo all your changes and remove Linux from your Xbox system in about 1 minute, which took you about 3 hours to load >:-|  )

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