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An artistic aside…

I saw a neat little article on making retro-comic’s from your photos, and decided to give it a try, while creating a little tribute to my wonderful wife, Lynn!  It came out pretty good, I think…


Unto the Lamb!

This was the performance of this AWESOME song at my church ( earlier this year (which they just re-performed last week) What is funny, is if you wait to the end, our Pastor Johnny Hunt had them do it again, it was so great! At first everyone thought it was a joke, then he sat down and they all came running back in, and did it again, even better!

Pandora…too late?

Here I stumbled upon a radio service that amazes me how it picked up my music tastes so quick, and they may be almost out of service due to Royalty issues…just another example of the “old man” too slow to keep up with the new tech!  sigh…

In any case, here it is!

Video Games for Kids, Not Easy!

We’ve got an X-Box, PlayStation (original), a couple of DS’ and of course the MAME Arcade Machine (see other blog post)

The Arcade machine works well for kids games, since the older arcade games are relatively harmless.  On the other hand, nowadays it is a PAIN to find games that are fun, but also appropriate for young kids.

That being said, some of the best we found are the LEGO games (Star Wars, and Indiana Jones).  We got the Indiana Jones for the DS’, and they are great.  You can “kill” the bad guys, but it ends up just being a couple of LEGO’s falling apart, which does not really translate into any violence (IMHO).  Same with Star Wars, which I just got them for the XBOX.

The Mario games are good too (especially Mario Cart) as they typically dont have any “killing” or mature themes, but end up being knocking a guy off the screen, or making them dizzy.

Both types are challenging enough for the kids to learn, but not too hard.  (some of the Sonic and Crash Bandicoot type games seem to be too fast paced, and they get bored trying to learn ’em) Also, both have a “play away” style, and no pressuring time limits, etc, which my daughter seems to hate!

I am constantly looking for other games, so if you have any good ideas, let me know!

(on a side note, I just got Crimson Skies for the XBOX for $2.99!!!  …and it is a COOL game, though has some mature themes, so I wouldn’t call it a young kids game)


Bible reading…its not been easy for me to stay focused.  BSF helped greatly, but my Bible study ended soon after I stopped going to BSF (due to many other obligations) In about mid-April is where I ended up around Matthew 13. Since then I got hooked on using E-Sword. Its free bible software that you can use for study, bible memorization and also (key point) to help you remember to read the Bible! I’ve got it set up for reading from Monday to Friday, through the end of the year to finish the New Testament, which is only about 2 chapters a morning. When I turn on my computer, it starts riht up, and the next 2 chapters are on the screen (waiting for me and my cup o’ joe!)

Its worked out real well, and I haven’t missed a day yet! If I am real busy in the morning with work, I just leave it open until I can take 5-10 minutes.

I highly recommend it! Its free (and you can purchase/download version of the Bible you like), though a donation is recommended (and would be nice!)

Here is the link, if you missed it above:

e-Sword Home

GFFL Fantasy Football 2008 Draft!

The GFFL draft was this last weekend at my house. Den came down from St Louis, along with a bunch of the local guys. A lot of golf, cards & racing, as well as football! It was a good time. Check the Photo Gallery on our website for more pics! People below from left: Troy (or one of the Knights of Ni!), Pat, Warren, Den, me

GFFL Draft

Damascus Road

The Damascus Road page on my site showed up about 2 months ago.  Who is Damascus Road, you ask?  That is my parents group that cut an album when I was growing up.  I got a copy of the (now very rare) album from my Gram, and was able to rip some MP3’s as well as scan in the jacket.

Yes, that is me & Den in the top picture, on the back cover, far left, matching striped shirt.  Ah, the Seventies!

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