Woke up the other day, and there was a fox about 8 feet from the front door. Snapped a few pics:


We have discovered Minecraft!  It is a real nice change from Halo for the kids, let me tell ya!  Instead of sniping some guys head off, we build and create things.  The worst thing is Pig-Zombies, Skeletons and Spiders…and these look like they are from a 1979 Atari 2600 console.

Its really like Lego’s gone wild, and it is fun!  Here is a link to its website:

We rent a server so that we can play in a world together, and have room for more people, so if your interested click on the Minecraft page above to get more info!

Watch out for them Creepers!


(for those familiar with the game, I can add Bukkit, and some plugins, but for now the kids seem happy with trying to get to the end, and making/trying new things!)

Our first Stop Motion Videos!

Using a digital camera, I sat and took pictures, while the kids moved their “subjects”.  Short videos, but it was our first try, and it came out well.

Used Windows Movie Maker.  Had to go to Tools/Options?advanced to modify the time for each pictures and transition to the minimum allowed.  Then hit publish and post to YouTube!  Pretty easy!



Recent Events

Been a while since a post!

Some recent events include my Brother-in-Law, Commander Mark E. Johnson taking over as the Commanding Officer of Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron Light (HSL) 45 “Wolfpack”.


Also, yesterday Andrew was baptized at FBCW!  Woohoo!  Proud Dad…


100 Year Flood

Well, it still raining here in Roswell, GA (north of Atlanta) and we expect rain for another week.  Ugh…  Last night we had from 10-18 inches of rain!!!  The weather folk say this is now set the record for a 100 year flood.  I guess it what we need :-0  based on the 100 year drought 2 years ago.

Anyway, I posted some pics.  It shows our little drainage creek flooding the lower half of our backyard, and also the road that is about 4 houses down (which that same creek runs under) and how it got washed out.  Poor house in one of those pictures had his car in the garage, and the whole garage was flooded to the top…argh!

Its not a good situation, school is out “because of rain” tomorrow (bet folks up north never heard that!), but really there are so many roads washed out like this one, it is very dangerous to drive on any backroad right now.

Anyway,, figured I’d give yall a peek at the south during Monsoon Season (we really don’t have a monsoon season, but it sure feels like it!)  YouTube video from our subdivision during the flood…

CLICK HERE for all photos

From 100 Year Flood
From 100 Year Flood